Cedar Root Gallery
located inside the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre
1607 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, B.C. 
V5L 1S7

Manager: Nadia
Supervisor:  Katrina       
Phone: (604) 251-6244
email: nadia@cedarrootgallery.com

Extended Holiday 
December Hours 2017
Mon        10 - 5 pm
Tue          10 - 9 pm
Wed         10 - 9 pm
Thu          10 - 5 pm  
Fri            10 - 5 pm
Sat            11 - 4 pm 
Sun          11 - 4 pm 

**We are now OPEN SUNDAY from 11 - 4 pm**         

24th Anniversary 1993 - 2017
Shop Local
Shop Native

When you shop at Cedar Root Gallery, you are 100% supporting First Nations employees, artists and business. When you purchase First Nations products anywhere else in Vancouver, warehouse locations included, you are 100% supporting non-Native business. We need to grow our Native businesses and strengthen our cultural and economic development. You can do this by shopping at Cedar Root Gallery for all your First Nations gift needs. Let’s stay together and keep our economy and markets First Nations strong and proud.  

Howa’a, Gela Kesla, Haichka, Tansi, Meegwetch, Thank you